Prince Harry was seriously ill when he was 3 – then Diana did something that makes me cry

We all know that Princess Diana was a woman with a big heart. She was a huge advocator for human rights, especially for minorities and victims of AIDs.

But the biggest place in Diana’s heart was reserved for children, and just like for most parents, her own boys were constantly within her sights.

The princess showed her love for her children in public but also in ways that were not intended to see the light of the day.

Diana is the most beautiful proof that, regardless of social class or royal blood, a mom is a mom – this story, that recently came to light, is further proof of that.

Princess Diana was a devoted mother, we all know that. But we had no idea of the full extent. According to The Mirror, singer Patti Boulaye, a friend of the prince, has described a time when Harry was sick and confined to the hospital.

Diana decided not just to stay at the hospital, but to sleep on the floor next to her son. All so that she didn’t have to be seperated from her boy, who was just three years old at the time.

Sleeping on the floor isn’t something that’s seen as “worthy” for a princess. But she insisted, and sure enough the hospital staff began to search for a mattress so that she could be relatively comfortable on the floor.

Diana was only 26 at the time.

This proves, if anyone doubted, what a huge heart this woman had. Her death in 1997 was a great sorrow for the whole world, and especially for her sons, William and Harry, who lost their great and beautiful mother too soon.

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