Rapunzel starts dramatic transformation to remove 1 meter of hair – now watch when she sees her reflection afterward

It takes a lot to surprise famous hairdresser Christopher Hopkins.

Known as the “Makeover Guy”, he’s seen pretty much all there is to see in his profession. Until one day a lady came in with hair longer than he’d ever encountered …

When one Minnesota woman met Christopher Hopkins, even he was taken back by the length of her hair. She explained to him that she’d had the same hairstyle for 20 years!

For me, when I look at her I simply can’t get Rapunzel out of my head … but Christopher’s first reaction was to pick up the scissors and begin a mental assessment of what he could do.

It didn’t take him long to get to work, and in this case ‘getting to work’ meant lopping off a whole meter of hair!

Her transformation after makes it all worth it, though …

Youtube / The Makeover Guy

The woman explained that she had worn her hair in a long braid that reached down past her hips for the past 20 years. It was high-time she switched up her look, however, so she went to Christopher. He’s known for his virtually unparalleled makeovers in his studio in Minnesota, USA.

Given almost three meters of hair to work with, he truly had a clean canvas on which to paint. The result? Well, look for yourself …

Youtube / The Makeover Guy

The end product is jaw-dropping. Watch the transformation for yourself in the video below:

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