This regular device exploded in this father's face, now he's warning others!
Andrew Hall

This regular device exploded in this father’s face, now he’s warning others!

We all know that smoking is bad for you.

Still, there are a lot that of people who are unable to give up this nasty and life threatening habit.

But there are now alternatives that are said to be less dangerous and helpful for people trying to quit. One of the most popular new alternatives are e-cigarettes.

Although you are still consuming nicotine, you are no longer inhaling a massive amount of poisonous smoke and instead inhaling steam by ‘vaping’.

Another benefit is that you can ‘vape’ anywhere.

But these are not completely harmless.

Not long ago, Andrew Hall from Idaho, USA, suffered a very serious accident from his e-cigarette.



Andrew Hall
Facebook/Andrew Hall

This is how the 30-year-old car salesman begins his post on Facebook page, where he describes what happened: 

“Well, it’s been a really rough 24 hours+ but I feel I have to share.

Thank you for my family and especially Airelle for taking care of me but yesterday morning I was getting ready for work when I had something happen to me that I didn’t expect possible.

I’m currently in the ICU and doing well so rest assured and these are very graphic photos.”

Andrew Hall Vapo pen
Facebook/Andrew Hall

According to Andrew, his e-cigarette had exploded in his face, The Daily Mail writes. Seven of his teeth were knocked out and he was left with second degree burns on his face.

It is assumed that the battery caused the explosion.

According to the US Fire Administration, the construction of e-cigarettes can make them easier to explode than other products.

Andrew Hall badrum
Facebook/Andrew Hall

In the same post on his Facebook page, Andrew added pictures of himself after the incident as a way to warn others. Perhaps we may need to be careful with E-cigarettes in the future.

Well, it's been a really rough 24 hours+ but I feel I have to share. Thank you for my family and especially Airelle for…

Posted by Andrew Hall on domingo, 15 de enero de 2017

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