Samuel, 1, screams when he’s laid on public changing table – then mom realizes something is terribly wrong

Children are our most precious gifts – and parents know just how far they would go to protect their child against potential dangers out in the world. In any instance where someone has purposely done something terrible which could injure or otherwise affect our child, we are thus understanably furious. 

But when it comes to something as standard as a diaper change – no parent could realistically conceive of harm coming their child’s way… Or could there? Unfortunately, one mother who recently laid her son on a public changing table recently learned the hard way that one must always be vigilant, even in the most unexpected scenarios.


Hayley Turner was out with her 1-year-old son Samuel when he required a diaper change.

But as soon as Hayley laid him down on the changing table, he began to scream. This was not unusual in any way, as Samuel was often quite fussy when getting his diapers changed. But mother Hayley soon realized that her son was more than just fussy. She turned him around to inspect him – and that’s when she discovered that his back was blotched with red marks. 


Someone beyond inhuman had put thumbtacks on the bottom side of the changing pad so that the sharp points stuck out and into Samuel’s back. There was not just one, but five needles penetrating Samuel’s skin.


Who could be so cruel to do such a thing to an innocent child?

Hayley usually does not post things on Facebook, but because she felt this was absolutely important to spread, she decided to take to the social media platform to explain what had happened. Her post has since been shared by the thousands.


Press do share Hayley’s dreadful experience to help remind parents to take a close look at any changing pads they lay their baby on in public. 

One should not have to be afraid to change their baby in a public toilet, but you can never be too careful!

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