Scammers are swapping baby formula with flour, and innocent babies are falling sick

The world is a truly terrifying place to live in.

Just when you think the news couldn’t take a further turn for the depressing or dangerous, something comes along that takes you by surprise.

According to reports, scammers have been tampering with baby formula products in supermarkets and grocery stores, with police having been alerted to the trend after a number of babies fell ill.

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NBC News report that in most cases, parents couldn’t guess what was making their little one ill, though it’s now being suggested that individuals have purchased baby formula, removed the contents, replaced the product with flour and returned the goods to the shelves.

Madeline Roque, from Charlotte, North Carolina, realized something was wrong when her nine-month-old, Adeline, fell sick.

“Yesterday, she was a completely different baby…” she said.

“She was throwing up throughout the day passing a lot of gas… I just knew something was wrong.”

Adeline was crying, throwing up, and refusing to drink her bottle. It wasn’t until Madeline looked closer at the baby formula she had purchased that she began to stitch the pieces together.

“I looked at the milk and I [realized] something’s definitely weird,” Roque said.

“The color [was] different, the texture was different.”

Determining something was off, Roque decided to do an experiment. She dissolved some of the product in a glass of water. After letting it stand for a while, she realized the mixture had separated from the water, unlike the product she usually purchased.

“And then when I poured it the bottle into the sink I saw how it got, that’s when it hit me,” she said.

“I saw how it clumped up and I’m like oh my god my daughter’s stomach is just the same or worse.”

It’s Roque’s opinion that the formula was not baby formula, but flour. She informed Walmart, who confirmed that their store policy dictates no products returned to the store are to be placed on supermarket shelves.

Obviously, we don’t have to explain the dangers associated with this sort of product tampering. If you’re feeding your baby formula, always ensure the product is properly sealed and undamaged when you buy it.

Baby formula should always dissolve in water without separating – if it doesn’t, then investigate the matter further and report it to your local supermarket immediately.

We want to spread Madeline’s message so that no babies are potentially placed in harm’s way.

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