Scooter driver blocks traffic to help weak elderly woman cross busy road

Tiny bits of news from around the world sometimes help restore my faith in humanity.

This small, seemingly insignificant incident out of China is one great example.

A scooter rider spots an old, extremely frail looking woman trying to cross a very busy road – and his reaction is just wonderful.

An elderly woman was attempting to cross a heavily congested road in Hezhou, in China’s Guangxi Province.

Unfortunately, she found herself caught in the middle of the road, presumably because she couldn’t get to the other end in time before her light turned red again.

But thankfully, a good samaritan or two came to the rescue.

It’s clear from the video that drivers start to spot the elderly woman and decide to patiently allow her to cross.

One scooter rider in particular actually goes a step further — he stops his scooter in front of passing cars, forcing them to stop.

Needless to say, this becomes a successful enterprise for the elderly woman – who thanks to all the patience and help manages to cross the busy road, unharmed.

CCTV footage of the incident has since gone viral after being shared on social media – watch it for yourself below.

We can be so impatient and forget that just a few seconds of patience can make a big difference for someone who may be nervous, anxious or in trouble. Share to celebrate the scooter driver’s act of humanity!