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She Asks Her Husband How Things Are Going With Their Son. The Answer? Not What She Was Hoping For.

In September, Lyn and Matt Coyne from England became the parents of little Charlie. And the joy of having a baby boy got Matt’s imagination running wild. He already had a humorous side, but he really came in his own when he became a dad. Since then, Matt’s been cracking people up on Facebook with the new family’s hijinks. Matt’s latest prank got his wife’s heart beating extra hard—and had thousands of Facebook in stitches.

After Lyn’s maternity leave ended, it was Matt’s turn to stay home with their son. Naturally, the situation worried the new mom. How would her husband manage all that responsibility by himself? On Lyn’s first day back to work, she sent a few short text messages to check what was up with her two guys. The answers she received? Check it out below.


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Then finally, Matt gave Lyn a serious answer. And yes, he and little Charlie seemed to have had a very good day together. And above all, it was calm.

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A good laugh makes you live longer! And I laughed especially hard thanks to this dad. Please share if it also cracked you up!
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