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She Blew Her Stepdad Away When She Gave Him The Perfect Gift To Thank Him For Her Wonderful Childhood.

Kristin Russell’s first memories of her stepdad, Dave, are of him playing barbies with her and reading to her. Her other childhood memories are equally sweet, as he coached every softball team she was ever on and went to every Karate tournament she ever competed in. In short, he was everything Kristin could ever ask for in a father figure. But Kristin’s stepdad made a sacrifice to get there: in order to afford to marry Kristin’s mom, Dave had to sell his prized possession, a 1973 Porsche 914. And although Dave never regretted selling his vintage car, he definitely missed it. So when Kristin was wondering what to give her stepdad to thank him for giving her a wonderful childhood, she naturally thought of that old Porsche. The opportunity to give it to him, though, would take some time to come about. Although Kristin had saved enough money during a military deployment to buy the car, it took three year before she found an identical one in good condition. But the wait was worth it! Just watch the look on Dave’s face when he sees his car’s twin pull up in his driveway and realize it’s his… I cried.

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