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She Lost Her Leg In A Car Accident. But She Walks On Scene And Does THIS Anyway. This Is So Powerful.

What happens when you combine a car accident with a passion for dance? One young girl poignantly answers this question: grace and strength. This performance of a young girl struck by a horrifying accident which resulted in the loss of a leg hit me right in the chest. In May 2014, Alissa Sizemore was struck by a delivery truck which stopped directly atop her leg while she played outside. Unfortunately, doctors could not save it. Nevertheless, Alissa , whose been taking ballet lessons since the age of 4 does not allow this challenge to to stop her. Ballet means the world to her. This powerful video is from Alissa’s first competition since the accident with her new prosthetic leg. “This has changed my life, but it hasn’t changed me,” Alissa said.

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