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She Presses A Plastic Bottle Against An Iron. Minutes Later… I Have To Do This With My Kids!

Bracelets is a funny and clever way to spice up your looks. It’s something special to do one by your own and if you follow these instructions you won’t get disappointed. Really, there’s no boundaries to what you can create. Size, color, pattern – it’s up to your own imagination! I will absolutely try this. Especially since I have a lot of plastic bottles lying around at home. But don’t forget to be careful with the iron!  

1. You need a plastic bottle, tape, scissors, iron and nail polish.


2. Tape two layers around the bottle and remove the piece with tape.


3. Remove tape, like this.


4. Put the iron on medium temperature and press the plastic against it, so the edges get polished. If you can, do it under a fan!


5. Paint the inside of the bracelets with your favorite color. Nail polish is perfect!


6. The patterns and colors are all up to you. Nice, right?


7. I’m doing this! That’s a beautiful bracelet.


Here you have the video tutorial on how to make these beautiful bracelets:

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