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She Recorded Her Disabled Son, But Someone Appears. This Man Is A True Role Model For Every Teacher.

11-year-old Matt Woodrum was born with cerebral palsy (CP). If you suffer from cerebral palsy, the ability to move is affected. Some don’t need any help supplies, others need a lot, and some can walk short distances but use a wheelchair when they going further. But Mat shows that his disability ain’t gonna set the bar for him. When the gym teacher told Matt that he could skip the schools 400 meters running race Matt shook his head. He wanted to run and decided to complete this race. Despite his iron will, Matt has a hard time coping up and gets far behind at the beginning of the race. But look at his spirit and how he fights! His mother records everything and after a while  she captures an amazing moment. When he struggles the most, the gym teacher runs and catches up with Matt. The teacher is followed by a bunch of Matt’s classmates and together they help him reaching the finish line. Sure, this clip is 5 years old, but every time I watch it breaks my heart. It doesn’t who wins, the most important thing is that you try and do your best. All of us can do it, and along with others we can succeed with almost anything. This is sports at its best and I love to share this with others!  

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