She’s expecting normal pregnancy – then mom-to-be sees ultrasound and screams out loud

Giving birth is one of life’s true miracles. There’s something just so incredible about two people creating a new life together that’s the perfect combination of both of them.

After Phillip and Kylie welcomed their first child into the world, they were over the moon. Still, they did have one remaining desire: to have twins.

But when Kylie became pregnant again and her doctor showed her the ultrasound, she and Phillip were in for a big surprise.

For years, Phillip and Kylie tried to start a family. Then two years ago, Kylie gave birth to a daughter named River, whom she and Phillip love more than anything else in the world.

But even still, the couple had a special dream of making their family bigger.

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Phillip and Kylie have several relatives who have twins, so when Kylie got pregnant again, she hoped that this time, she’d be having twins.

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Then a few months later, it came time for Kylie to have an ultrasound. And when her doctor showed her the image, Kylie got a shock. There wasn’t just one, two, or three babies in her belly…

Kylie was expecting four little ones—something that only occurs once in every 700,000 pregnancies!

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“I laughed… I just, I was laughing, I couldn’t help it,” Kylie told her local TV station Fox10.

Image Source: Fox10

Although the couple is thrilled about the major addition to their family, it’s a lot of work for Kylie to carry around the four little kiddies in her tummy. But soon the wait will be over and she and Phillip will welcome Amelia, Damien, Gideon and Theo into the world. So exciting!

What an incredible story! I wish Kylie and Phillip all the best with their quads. Please share this article with your friends on Facebook if you also think that life is fantastic.

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