She Was Told To Get An Abortion. But She Followed Her Heart And A Miracle Happened.

Shellie Tucker was thrilled when found out that she was pregnant. And in her 20th week, her and husband Greg Tucker discovered that they were expecting twins.

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The family began to prepare for the twins’ arrival, purchasing double of everything.

But tragic news soon followed. Doctors discovered that the twins were conjoined at the chest and abdomen. They were Siamese twins.

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After studying her high-risk pregnancy case, one doctor recommended she have an abortion, judging that the girls wouldn’t survive when separated.

Others doctors had more hope– and Shellie and Greg certainly did too. They followed their guts – and hearts- which told them to give their daughters a chance.

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In March 2011, beautiful Siamese twins Allison and Amelia were born into a world of medical uncertainty.

“They came out screaming, and it was the most wonderful feeling,” Shellie told ABC News. But they were of course conjoined.

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When the twins were eight months old, a massive team of 40 doctors and nurses worked for hours to separate their diaphragm, liver and chest. And miraculously, both girls survived.

“To see them for the first time as two separate girls was really the most amazing feeling,” Greg says.

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Now it’s been over a year and Allison and Amelia are thriving. It makes me incredibly happy to see that they are doing well.

“I am grateful every single day, I can’t describe it. Seeing the girls, seeing them climb, do things (…) they are an absolute miracle,” Shellie says.

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And I can not but agree. What a beautiful, heartwarming story!


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