Single mother is called a witch after having 8 kids – 8 years later, everything is different

Natalie Suleman is known as “Octomom”. If you didn’t guess, that’s because she had 8 babies.

The miraculous delivery occurred in 2009, via test tube fertilization.

Natalie always dreamed of having a big family, but could never imagine that it would be quite that big. She later described herself as “young, stupid and selfish”, as she was hardly prepared for such a large family. It was then that the media began their witch hunt.

Natalie suspects that it was a nurse that may have notified the press about her amazing delivery.

The new mom was soon being chased by reporters and photographers everywhere she went – and found her face printed on every big tabloid’s cover page.

Following her maternity leave, she desperately wanted to return to her old life. Obviously, raising 8 kids was no walk in the park, and so she resorted to publicizing her larger-than-life family, earning money from photos and interviews along the way.  

Today – eight years later – Natalie is back in the spotlight. The mother-of-eight had at some time gotten a bad rap for apparently chasing cash through using her children, so she appeared in an episode of popular medical show “The Doctors” to clear her name.

What was clear from her and her lovely children’s appearance is that this single mom is one inspiring woman, who managed to raise 8 beautiful children.

Watch the video below to see what the kids look like today!


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