Sophia Loren, 89, rushed to hospital for emergency surgery after bad fall

Sophia Loren, 89, rushed to hospital for emergency surgery after incident at her home

Sophia Loren was hospitalized at the weekend and required emergency surgery after falling at her residence in Switzerland.

According to alarming reports, the 89-year-old actress, famous for roles in films including Two Women (1961) and Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (1963), took a tumble at home on Saturday and sustained a number of injuries that required medical attention.

Loren is said to have suffered several fractures during the fall, the most serious of which was one to her femur that left her requiring surgery.

Mere days after turning 89, Loren was reportedly due to open a restaurant that would bear her name in Bari, Italy on September 26.

Sophia Loren injury

However, the Italian icon slipped in her bathroom, leading to the injuries mentioned above.

As per the Hollywood Reporter, Loren’s sons, Carlo and Edoardo, are by her side in hospital. Her condition, meanwhile, is stable, though she will now likely require an extensive period of rehabilitation.

Sophia Loren, circa 1965 / Getty Images

Indeed, a source is said to have told the Hollywood Reporter that there is “cautious optimism” regarding Loren’s condition moving forward following surgery on her femur.

“A fall at her home in Geneva today caused Ms Loren hip fractures,” the team behind the aforesaid restaurant Loren was due to open wrote on Instagram.

“Operated with a positive outcome, she will now have to observe a short period of recovery and follow a road to rehabilitation.

“Thankfully everything worked out for the best and the Lady will be back with us very soon. The whole team at Sophia Loren Restaurant takes this opportunity to wish her a speedy recovery.”

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Loren last appeared in front of the camera in the Netflix film The Life Ahead (2020). Upon the film’s release, the actress appeared adamant that she was not yet done with making movies.

She told “I love cinema so much. I want to keep doing it forever. I know it’s difficult to find good stories, but sometimes I fall in love with the right ones. I intend to make movies forever.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sophia Loren at this difficult time. If you’re a fan of the Italian actress, check out just how much her granddaughter is her spitting image!