Stranger sees 8-year-old girl and does the unthinkable – what hidden camera catches shocks millions

If you’ve ever lost your child, even just for a second, then you know that feeling of panic that washes over your body that no words can truly describe. 

You may have turned your head for what felt like half a second – when suddenly your child was no longer in sight. Anyone who has a child has likely experienced this – and for the vast majority of parents, that experience thankfully only lasts a few seconds, before they are reunited with their precious child.

But what would you do if the experience went from a few seconds to a few minutes, after frantically searching everywhere only to discover your child was gone?

In this social experiment video, a little girl pretends she’s lost her mother and can’t find her way home.

The people she encounters have no idea she is an actress and that the situation is being filmed.

She repeatedly requests help from strangers, at last sitting down by herself on the sidewalk.

But what happens at the end filled me with horror.

Watch the video here:

This definitely made me more aware of how self-centered we can be when we’re out walking in public. The truth is I am not sure I would have even noticed her! I’m glad I came across this video as it really made me realize that we have to be more in tune with others – especially young children who could be lost. Please share to spread awareness on the potentially devastating consequences of ignoring a child in need of help.

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