Student challenges his teacher to a dance-off – just wait until you see the teacher’s move

When I think back to my days at school, I recall being quite afraid of most teachers.

Sure, from time to time they let their hair down and it was almost possible through my young eyes to see them as ‘human’, but for the most part, they were strict, sensible and maintained decorum. I certainly don’t remember any of them engaging in a dance-off.

But it would appear it does happen. One middle school student challenged his teacher to a dance-off recently, with the resulting footage having proved a hit online.


Yes, while it appears the young student in question can definitely bust a move, his teacher isn’t exactly a novice on the dance floor either.

With the student having started, his senior knows he has to bring his A-game if he’s to stay in the contest… so that’s exactly what he does.

Imagine, you’re a student watching a pier and one of your teachers going at it on stage!


Watch the video below to see who wins in this epic contest:

Certainly wouldn’t have happened in my school. What about yours?

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