Students find strength in tragedy through 3,600 post-it notes

When you suffer a tragedy, life can feel hopeless and unjust. It can be hard to find the strength to move on – and this is exactly why every little nudge of encouragement is so important.

A group of teen girls in the United States understood this, giving their nudge of encouragement to thousands of students and teachers at their school after a fellow student committed suicide.

When high school students at a school in the U.S. were met by the tragic news that their peer has taken his life, they became upset and depressed.

But in the midst of schoolwide grief, there was a light in the dark, delivered by a small group of kind girls.

They came up with an idea to cheer up their classmates –3,600 handwritten post-it notes with kind words that went straight to each student’s heart.

Their idea was simple: To walk around the school wallpapering every student’s locker and teacher’s door with post-it notes filled with reminders of love and appreciation.

The project to deliver messages like “You are valuable,” “You’re beautiful,” and “You are loved,” took eight hours to accomplish, but brought love and unity to the halls as the school struggled with their loss.

The simple gesture showed just how much a little bit of encouragement can mean during a difficult period.

“It took 3,600 post-its and eight hours for them to do it, but I’m so grateful they did because the smiles that day were so bright. There was such a feeling of love and unity throughout the halls. A simple post-it note reminded us that it gets better,” said one of the student, according to Love What Matters.

Just a few words of kindness can mean the world – a lesson we should never forget. Please share this touching story with your friends as a reminder!

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