Suddenly in the subway: woman can’t hold her laughter – now watch the unexpected reaction in the carriage

Nothing is more contagious than a good laugh!

You probably know what I’m talking about. You see something funny and start giggling, then it catches on with the friend next to you… and before you know it, everyone close to you is doubled up laughing without really knowing why.

That’s exactly what’s so great about a smile and laughter. A shared laugh is even funnier — and that shows in this infectious clip, which has been watched nearly 7 million times on YouTube.

The video plays out on a sad gray day in November. In a metro car in Berlin, a woman is watching something on her phone.

We can assume that it’s funny, because from nowhere the woman begins to giggle. She struggles to keep it in — but its just not working. Soon she burst into a loud, hearty laugh… and once she starts, she can’t stop.

But that’s not all. Because as you’ve probably guessed by now, the passengers around her can’t hold it in either.

One after one they burst out laughing. Even those who were following the spectacle with the most sceptical looks soon sit there doubled over with laughter.

It’s just so fun to see, and it’s obvious that a good laugh is exactly what people need.

Although the clip may feel silly at the beginning, I recommend you stick it out to the end. Because the longer it carries on, the harder it will be to compose yourself. After watching the whole thing, I promise you’ll be in fits!

Watch the clip here:

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