Superstar joins choir to sing “Silent Night” in empty church – leaves all covered in chills

Everyone knows the Christmas carol “Silent Night”. It’s been performed again and again since its composition in 1818, and so it takes something really special to sing a version that stands out from the crowd.

Well, fortunately we’ve found something special enough. It’s the amazing talents of The Piano Guys, mixed with a beautiful children’s choir and the famous Placido Domingo – a combination sure to leave the hairs on your neck stood on end.

“Silent Night” was originally composed in a small town in Austria in 1818, but it’s certainly stood the test of time. Not a year goes by now where someone doesn’t attempt their own cover of the classic, and each one brings its own flavor and unique experience.

YouTube / ThePianoGuys

There can be no doubting, though, that the latest attempt is surely one of the best. In any case, it’s certainly one of the most impressive we’ve heard.

I suppose you should expect nothing less when geniuses like The Piano Guys get together, accompanied by an outstanding choir and the voice of Placido Domingo.

YouTube / ThePianoGuys

Steven Sharp Nelson, one quarter of The Piano Guys, told Desert News that he and his bandmates have regularly turned to God during their time together. He says it’s their aim to spread love to their fans through music.

“Prayer is a big part of what we do – we pray our way into the right ideas and ask for the right approach… (We) pray that inside the music will be the right healing that will make someone’s burden a little lighter,” he said.

“We hand that over to a divine hand…

“We have used music personally as a healing balm, and so that’s another reason why it motivates us to do what we are doing. Music is a salve that will help (people) get from point A to point B.

“I hope that as people listen to our music, and as they struggle with things that seem to be out of place in their lives or seem to be unwanted, that they can take strength in knowing that one day the purpose for which they struggle will become clear.”

YouTube / ThePianoGuys

The collaboration in question will leave you spell bound. Don’t believe us? Watch the video below:

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