Surrogate mom delivers twins – then DNA test reveals the incredible

Surrogate learns one of the ‘twins’ she’s carrying is her biological son – gave him away by mistake

To become a surrogate mother, carry twins and then realise that one of the children is actually your biological child is unimaginable. That stuff only happens in movies, right?

Wrong. For Jessica Allen it became a reality.


Jessica and Wardell Allen were happily married and had two children. Jessica, however, felt that she wanted to help people who couldn’t biologically have children of their own, so she decided to become a surrogate mother.

Expecting twins

She was matched with a couple from China and began her IVF treatment. In April 2016 she got the news that she was not just expecting one child, but two. Jessica was pregnant with twins. The doctor explained to her that this was unusual, but that sometimes the egg could divide and thus give twins.


The Chinese couple were told that they were to have two children in the place of one and Jessica’s pregnancy went by with no problems.

After birth, the twin boys were quickly taken from Jessica as per protocol. Before they were, however, she noticed that one child was slightly darker than the other.


A few days later, the Chinese couple sent Jessica a picture of the twins, and she soon realised that the pair had a lot of differences. One of the boys didn’t look Chinese – he had the same skin tone as Jessica and Wardell’s other children. That was when the warning bells began to ring, though Jessica did not dare raise the topic.

DNA results return incredible

Only a couple of weeks later, the Chinese couple themselves began to wonder if everything was as it should be. They undertook a DNA test and it turned out the impossible had become possible: The pair weren’t twins. One of the boys was, incredibly, Jessica and Wardell’s biological child.

After a long process, they were able to get their own child back to be raised with them – they now feel their family is finally complete.


It goes without saying that this is case is a biological anomaly. Usually, menstruation ceases as soon as a woman becomes pregnant. In extremely rare cases, though, it can continue, and thus allow a woman to become pregnant – even though she is already pregnant.

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