Susan Boyle’s spin on “Unchained Melody” is stunning everyone and going viral online

When Susan Boyle steps up to the microphone, most fans know by now that they’re in for a special treat.

It was no different when the 57-year-old decided to give her take on the Righteous Brothers’ classic “Unchained Melody”.

Though the song has been covered by plenty of people over the years, there’s no mistaking a perfect rendition when you hear it.

Prepare to have your imaginations sparked and your souls soothed …

YouTube / Susan Boyle

Since first appearing on Britain’s Got Talent all those years ago, Susan Boyle has gone from strength to strength. Now 57, the singer is a household name around the world, her voice capable of bringing something new to even the most famous songs.

Which is why when she accepted the challenge of performing “Unchained Melody”, most people were acutely aware that something big was on its way.

YouTube / Susan Boyle

Reinforced by an orchestra, Boyle sings with a sweet harmony that provides it’s very own spin on a tune we all know and love.

Suffice to say the Righteous Brothers would likely be proud of Boyle’s rendition. We’re certainly impressed!

Watch the video below for Susan Boyle’s “Unchained Melody”. 

So long as Susan Boyle is churning out performances like this, we’re not going to get tired anytime soon.

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