Team hears disabled waterboy’s mom has cancer, their gesture makes her cry

When senior Robby Heil turns up for football matches at Novi High in Detroit, he’s used to just carrying water bottles.

But for one Friday that all changed for the teenager with special needs.

His mom, Debbie, has advanced cancer, and after finding out about it, his teammates decided to surprise her.


As the high school football team took the field, Robby was at the front of the line, proudly waving the wildcat flag – while his mum clicked away on her camera on the sideline.

She even mentioned that both teams were going to get a photo together – but little did she know, things were going to get much better than that for Robby.

After they had heard Debbie had been diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy, the players and coaches from Novi High school decided they would give her more than just a picture.

When a timeout was called, Robby – wearing the number 24 shirt – took to the field.

He had always dreamed of scoring a touchdown and did just that – running 20 yards to score.


Debbie sobbed on the touchline – unable to believe what was happening. She even joined in the huddle at the end and praised the amazing impact the team has had on Robby’s life.

“Cuz that’s way more important than football,” the coach said, tearing up.


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