Teen dares cop to drum in high school band – he nails his performance

If only we could all love our job as much as Corporal Les Munn, of the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department, loves his.

As per his Facebook page: “It ain’t work if you love what you do.”

For many, Cpl. Munn might cast an intimidating figure, but he’s a perfect example of why you should never judge a person simply based on their appearance.

He was patrolling the event during an Arkansas High School game, and wound up appearing in a video that’s gone viral for all the right reasons …

YouTube / T&T Media

Whilst on his rounds, Cpl. Munn spotted the school band preparing their pre-game performance.

As he recalls, via Inside Edition: “A couple of the band members were bringing their equipment up into the stands and one of them was talking about how heavy it was, how I should carry it up there for her. I said OK, and she made a comment about, ‘Well, you come up in the stands, we’ll show you how to play this stuff.’”

YouTube / T&T Media

It turns out Cpl. Munn hasn’t played the drums in 23 years, coincidentally since he was in his own high school’s marching band. Still, he retained the capacity to give the crowd a show they truly couldn’t believe.

Speaking to Inside Edition, he said: “I was nervous; it had been a long time since I’d played so I didn’t want to let them down and [I was] hoping my skills were gonna hold up.”

YouTube / T&T Media

As it happened, there was very little for Cpl. Munn to be concerned about.

In a video filmed by someone in the crowd, you can see Cpl. Munn performing alongside students who are incapable of keeping the smiles from their faces. People are simply taken back by his ability; the surprise is overwhelming.

“It kind of took the uniform off for a second and let everyone know, ‘Hey, we’re just people too’,” Cpl. Munn explained.

Since being uploaded, the footage has garnered some 240,000 views, and it’s not difficult to see why.

For us, this is what it’s all about. Well done to Cpl. Munn for showing the world officers are simply just people too.

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