Teen pursues woman, doesn’t realize he’s being watched – photo soon goes viral

It’s not a stretch to say modern day teenagers have left a bad impression on older generations. Oft accused of being entitled, pampered, disrespectful and lazy, it’s no surprise that many of society’s seniors see them as a generation of people more interested in their phones than they are compassion towards others.

Of course, as with most stereotypes, this view is mostly unfounded. There are always bad apples – and there will always be – but to tarnish an entire generation with a bad brush is unfair. Not only that, but there are many stories that come to light each day pointing to the contrary.

Which is why I take such pleasure in writing articles like this one, where a Texan teen named Louis Jordan was given a taste of viral fame … and for all the right reasons.

YouTube / ABC13 Houston

According to ABC13, Jordan had been waiting to pick up his mom on a sweltering hot day in downtown Houston, when he noticed an older lady sitting in the heat.

It was a disabled woman, one whose wheelchair was completely exposed to the searing sun. As Jordan watched on, he soon realized he had to do something to help.

Jordan explained: “It was unbearably hot. I wouldn’t want to be out there in the sun.”

YouTube / ABC13 Houston

It was at that moment that the teen remembered he had an umbrella in his trunk. He grabbed it from his vehicle and shaded the lady from the fierce heat.

For her part, the lady was pleasantly surprised that he would think to help. She struck up a conversation as he shielded her, with the two continuing to talk despite her bus taking longer than the scheduled time.

YouTube / ABC13 Houston

Jordan says: “Come to find out, it ended up being a little longer for her METRO Lift to come get her. So we ended up waiting out here for a good hour or forty-five minutes.”

When Jordan’s mom eventually finished work, she came out to find her son setting a stellar example for young men everywhere. She snapped a photo of the heartwarming moment – one that has since been shared thousands of times.

“I’m a proud mama,” Jordan’s mom, Bernadette, said. “He’s just full of surprises, that’s all I can say.”

YouTube / ABC13 Houston

Jordan’s exemplary act of kindness is a reminder that not only do good deeds still exist in the world, but good teens are also there to practise them.

Considering most of the news we read in the media today, it’s more important than ever before to remember the above points. Thanks, Louis, for giving everyone a timely reminder.

A great story, right? Well, it gets better. As per reports, Jordan and the woman are now fast friends – whenever they see each other, Jordan heads over to talk.

“We laugh, we joke,” Jordan said.

“She’s in a book club. Come to find out she likes pork chops; I owe her some stuffed pork chops.”

Two big thumbs up to Louis Jordan for his attitude. We hope you continue to make your mom proud.

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