The Athlete Donated $10 Million To A Children’s Hospital. What One Kid Did After Will Warm Your Heart.

I encounter heartwarming stories every day, but this one really got my attention. A well-known NHL hockey player, P.K. Subban, pledged CDN $10 million (US $7.5 million) to the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH) in Canada. The move was swiftly cheered by his fans, and people from around the world praised the athlete’s generosity. But a few days after P.K’s donation, the hospital revealed yet another – albeit smaller – donation. This time, from a young boy named Ethan Mercuri…  

This particular hockey player is known for being rough on the ice. But also, for his acts of incredible generosity.

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Subban committed $10 million to the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH) in Canada, where he plays for the celebrated Montreal Canadians team.

Source: Facebook/The Montreal Children’s Hospital.


I was moved by Subban’s generous contribution, which will help families and their children through difficult times.

One MCH patient, Tristan Lessard, got emotional after asking his idol about what it’s like to be #1.

Source: Facebook/Montreal’s Children Hospital


“I want to be in the paralympics for basketball,” he told the hockey star.

“Just keep putting in the time and effort and the chips will fall into place,” the NHL player answered.

But what happened just a few days later is equally wonderful.

The hospital revealed in a Facebook post that they had received another very significant donation.

This time with a young man, Ethan Mercuri, who has a slightly smaller budget than Subban’s– but as big of a heart!

Here’s Ethan’s wonderful letter:

Source: Facebook/Montreal Children’s Hospital


What a little champ. I really hope Subban visits the young boy’s school to meet him and his classmates.

I think Ethan’s wonderful gesture really deserves to be recognized as a lesson to children and adults alike. Please like if you agree this kid has the sweetest heart!