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Bullies called her ‘tooth woman’ – now watch how her new teeth transform her completely

When Gemma Swift was 6, she was involved in a serious accident which seriously damaged her teeth. That accident would affect her life for many years to come.

At school Gemma was harassed for her appearance. But one day she had enough. She decided to confront her worst bully in the British television program The Jeremy Kyle Show.

The woman behind the worst bullying she’d experienced, her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend, mostly made fun of Gemma’s teeth. In the television program, Gemma asks for one thing – that the woman stops her harassment.

But the program unfortunately had the opposite effect. On social media, people continued to make fun of Gemma’s teeth.

In response to all the hateful comments, the Jeremy Kyle Show decided to raise money in order for Gemma to get her teeth fixed. Eventually, enough money was raised to fund the advanced surgery required.

Following the transformation, Gemma appeared once again on the show, to reveal her new smile. Thousands got in touch with her to share their love, support and excitement about her new teeth.

But most importantly, Gemma was finally satisfied with her looks and got back her self-esteem!

Watch Gemma’s emotional transformation in the video below!

Isn’t Gemma great for refusing to let hatred and bullying get the better of her?

I think Gemma looks fantastic with her new teeth – share and like if you agree!

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