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The Dad Took A Photo Of His Son And Posted It On Facebook. It’s Now Shared By Millions Of People.

Carter Gentle, from Farmington in the state Maine, is a special little 7-year-old. He was born with an innately heart disease but has a family who really, really loves him. During his 7 years on Earth, he has gone through more than most of us ever will in a lifetime. A couple of weeks ago the doctors opened up his chest to go through with his 12th heart surgery. That’s not easy for a family to battle through. And, of course, even harder for Carter.  When the bandages were removed, Carter was concerned about his scared body. His concern gave Mark, his dad, an idea. He took a picture of his brave son and posted it on Facebook. He encouraged his friends to send a greeting to Carter and the response was enormous. The picture went viral and got just over 1 million likes. A little gesture like this can truly matter and I really hope that Carter get’s all the attention that his braveness and courage deserve!  

This is Carter. He’s like any other 7-year-old, apart from him having an innately heart disease.


A couple of weeks ago he went through with his 12th heart surgery.


”Carter removed his bandage this morning. He cried for 45 minutes when he saw his scars. He said that he was scared that people would think that he’s ugly”, dad Mark Gentle wrote on Facebook.


”It’s tough to hear as a parent. We told him that his scars are beautiful and tried to make him feel like a superhero”, the dad continued.


He posted a picture of Carter and thought that a couple of his friends would like the picture. So Mark and his wife Sarah was shocked when the hundreds of people became thousands – and later millions.


Carter could hear the sound from his dad’s phone when person after person liked the picture. “Dad, is that for me?”, he asked over and over again.


“His scars is what makes him who he is. He’s showing everyone it’s possible to overcome anything and that he was stronger than the disease who tried to kill him”, his dad Mark writes.


And I think that we all can agree on the fact that little Carter is a real fighter and a role model. Scars are nothing to be ashamed of!


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