The Mother Rubs The Doll’s Makeup Off. The Transformation? Every Parent Should See This.

Dolls – more specifically the “sexy” kinds like Barbie – have  found themselves at the center of controversy for decades now. Many have time and time again voiced criticism on how the skewed image of some dolls’ ‘perfect’ bodies or faces project onto young girls can hurt their own self-image and ultimately, their self-esteem. This story emerged some months ago, but I just came across it. it actually made me emotional, so I just knew I had to share. A 34-year-old mom and self-proclaimed doll-lover from Tasmania, Australia, finds a beautiful way of shying away from the sexism and idealisation of typical store dolls. It’s hard not to praise her for for what she does, and it’s not hard to understand why this video has had 18 million views from across the world.

If you ask me, these are by far the nicest “modern-day” dolls that I have ever seen. I hope her wonderful project continues to spread. I really agree these are the dolls that young girls should be playing with and can relate to more.

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