The moment when these twins are brought together is warming thousands of hearts

Bringing new lives into the world is one of life’s greatest miracles. Nothing can really compare to the excitement and happiness of seeing your tiny child evolve from an embryo to their born, baby human form.

To watch babies in those first few moments is a magical experience. So when watching two babies – twins- experiencing their first moments in the world together, it’s just double the magic.

Lonie Paxton captured just that on video – and her clip has since warmed thousands of hearts. 

Lonie Paxton

The couple has just had twins and the babies began to cry loudly when they were placed on two separate changing tables. But when the nurse placed the siblings together, magic happened.

Lonie Paxton

The bond between the twins had clearly already begun in their mother’s womb. And one thing is for sure, it would only get stronger. 

Below you can watch the clip of the newborn twins’ incredible and beautiful birth which culminates into them brought together. Honestly, the entire clip just brought tears to my eyes. So precious!

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