Their Beautiful Surprise For This Hard-Working Single Mom Moved Me To Tears.

Their Beautiful Surprise For This Hard-Working Single Mom Moved Me To Tears.

Megan is a single mother of three children. She works hard to make ends meet. So hard in fact, that she juggles between not just two, but 4 different jobs. Needless to say, Megan was in great need of some rest. Luckily, “Give Back Films” and “Next Sense” stepped in and decided to brighten up Megan’s day. It begins with show crew unexpectedly knocking on her door. Megan is informed that she and her children are about to go on shopping spree, followed by dinner. Megan is thrilled and grateful, and hardly expects more surprises upon her return home… But while Megan and her daughters were away on their shopping and dining adventure, staff was busy at work back at her home, putting in a new alarm system, dishwasher, microwave, bathroom mirror, and making repairs. They put up shiny Christmas decorations and put up a tree with new lights. But all this was still not the biggest surprise in store for Megan…

Megan had always hoped for something many of us take for granted: a dining table. She wanted this more than anything so that she and her family could sit down and eat together.

This story is a beautiful reminder of the importance of spending time with and cherishing our families. The dining table is a place where we turn off our phones and e-readers to spend time with our families.

When Megan sees the table, she collapses and bursts into tears. That really says it all about how much a simple table can mean for a family in need.

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