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They bully her every day on the phone – then they hear a strange voice that changes everything

Elisabeth Chenoweth was a happy, kindhearted teenager until she met Scott. Scott’s friends became jealous of Elisabeth spending so much time with him and bullied her until her self-esteem was in shatters. But when one of them almost drove Elisabeth to suicide, everything changed.

Thankfully, in this case, the boys finally realized what they were doing and now, they spend their time trying to make up for their past bullying. I was deeply touched by this story and it just goes to show you—it’s never too late to make a change!

When Ohio teenager Scott Hannah started spending time with Elizabeth Chenoweth, his buddies weren’t happy. They were jealous and thought Scott was spending way too much time with Elisabeth. They decided they didn’t like her and showed it by harassing her on social media.

Scott’s best friend, Tyler, was the most jealous and bullied Elisabeth every day. And he eventually got Scott to turn on Elizabeth and start bullying her, too.

Together, the two boys called Elisabeth every day to insult her and tear down her self-confidence.

“They stared telling me that I’m very ugly and I look like a troll. And I felt like all my confidence was ripped out,” Elisabeth told Today.

The boys’ bullying became worse and worse, and it wasn’t until a third person phoned up Elisabeth that the situation turned around. One of Scott and Tyler’s friends urged Elizabeth to take her life. Elisabeth was furious and told Scott that she never wanted to see him again. And it was then that Scott and Tyler finally realized what they had done and apologized.

Some time later, the boys heard a radio story about a 14-year-old boy who committed suicide after being bullied. The piece made Scott and Tyler realize the damage they had caused. They realized that people like them were part of the problem, and they decided to instead become part of the solution.

Scott and Tyler joined an anti-bullying organization and got involved in the campaign against bullying.

“Tyler and I continue to lecture at schools around the country and get everyone to understand that no matter if you see someone get bullied, are standing on the sidelines, or are a bully yourself, you who have the power to make a change,” Scott said.

Watch this video to hear more about Scott and Tyler’s story and how they came to fight against bullying:

It’s never too late to become a better person. Please share this story to inspire others to stand up against bullying!

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