This Documentary About 98-Year-Old’s Life Reveals Why We Must Care More About Our Elderly.

Mary is 98-years-old and lives by herself in her apartment. She fares quite well, living on her own and visiting a nursing home during the day, every day. Along with other senior citizens there, she sings, dances, shares meals and otherwise socializes. Mary loves the nursing home and says she anxiously awaits every morning in order to get up and join her friends and engage in various activities at the senior home. But when she returns to her small apartment, she has only herself. Her family have children of their own and are very busy with their lives. A television crew, the Voyager film crew, began to document Mary’s daily life. Mary says that her toughest challenge is to find things to do when she comes home alone to her apartment. She discloses one of the things she does when she finds herself alone at home… This video reminds us that people Mary’s age are sometimes forgotten by the rest of us, even though their minds are completely intact. I was deeply moved by this story. I hope this sends everyone a clear message: We mustn’t stop caring about our elderly. We must remember them, and care for them until the end.

Watch the moving short 5-minute here, but prepare some tissues.

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