This mother’s fabulous pictures of her kids are being hailed by parents worldwide

It’s only normal that parents love to take pictures of their children – especially nowadays when most mobile phones have great cameras built-in. But some parents like to go a step further to get that perfect shot.

Photographer Anna Rozwadowska is one such parent. She not only takes pictures of her kids – she creates real works of art with them.

She shoots her two children in breathtaking settings, dressing them in fabulous dresses and costumes – sewn by herself. The kids could thus be elves, knights or princesses – and travel to a world of pure fantasy.

The outcome is truly magical. Anna finds the perfect environment and light to obtain the perfect picture.

She has been shooting her two children since they were little and has collected thousands of beautiful pictures of them.

Anna typically shoots in various locations near their home, usually within a 20 kilometer distance.

Posing in front of a camera can be a challenge for such small children who are easily distracted. Anna therefore never photographs her kids for longer than 15-20 minutes at a time.

With youngest daughter, Barbara, the shoot is typically no longer than 5-6 minutes. But she still manages to capture that perfect shot!

She also gives her kids no special instructions, except to simply be themselves.  

The result is very natural images, where the children can tell their own story.

Besides photography, sewing clothes and taking care of her children, Anna is also a teacher.

Although her work and kids take up most of her time, she always finds time to go out and shoot. She says that the shoot gives her energy rather than takes it, and she’s always thinking of new ideas for her pictures.

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