This Mother’s Brilliant Method To Get Her Baby To Sleep In Just 1 Minute Is Being Shared By Hundreds Of Thousands Of Parents.

It’s a classic, timeless challenge: putting a baby to bed. It doesn’t matter how exhausted you might expect them to be; putting a child to bed can prove to defy all logic, hope, and sometimes even science! But new tricks continue to emerge, and I do think they can often be helpful. Some time ago, this doctor made headlines everywhere after revealing his brilliant technique for calming crying babies into a complete state of relaxation. Now, I’ve come across this latest ‘baby trick’. Unlike with the doctor, this one features a regular mom. Within just a few weeks of being posted to YouTube, her amazing technique has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people. After watching it, I can’t say for sure whether this mom possesses some kind of magic skill… How else could she put her baby to bed in a single minute? It looks more like she puts the child on some kind of spell! See for yourself and make sure you share this clip with all the parents you know.

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