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This Powerful Ad Shatters Gender Stereotypes And Urges Husbands To Help With Chores.

This extraordinary ad breaks down deeply ingrained stereotypes about gender roles while also urging men to become equal partners in raising children and maintaining their homes. The commercial, #ShareTheLoad, tells the story of a father who watches his adult daughter clean her house and cook dinner for her husband and their son after she’s just returned home from work. As she slaves away, her husband and son watch TV. The mood shifts when the woman’s father realizes that he’s perpetuated society’s expectations for women and he sees his daughter suffer as a result. He then becomes full of regret and writes a letter of apology to his daughter, his wife and all of the women in his country. And in a sweet gesture, he even promises to help his wife with the laundry. While the ad takes place in India, it could be anywhere. And because women everywhere (and men too) can relate to this ads powerful message, there’s no wonder why it’s going viral around the world.

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