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Thousands Are Sharing This Couple’s Amazing Pregnancy Video.

Four years ago, Osher and Tomor received the joyful news they had long awaited: the young couple was expecting a child. And the happy parents-to-be did not just stand as nine months went by – they wanted to do something extra special to document the miracle of birth, and specifically Osher’s growing belly. Tomor then had this idea. With the help of “stop motion” technique, Tomor took over 1,000 pictures of Osher as her belly gradually grew throughout her pregnancy. While I’ve seen that kind of video done before, Tomor went a step further: he added brilliant effects and edited the film in a way that is just genius and definitely something the family will be able to cherish for years to come. It took nine months of a growing belly and one month of editing before the final product was complete. Tomor wore many hats during the process, acting as photographer, editor, director, writer and most importantly, proud dad. Now that’s what I call dedication! I’m pretty amazed at how creative these parents are – and with over 9 million YouTube views, it’s clear the video is a hit! Please share the video if you believe their daughter will appreciate this when she gets a bit older!

Agree that this video was beautifully put together by Tomor and Osher? With this kind of commitment and creativity from the parents, I think their little baby girl has an exciting future ahead of her. I wish the young family all the best!


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