Tim Tebow opens playroom in children’s hospital to allow patients to ‘just be kids again’

Tim Tebow is not only a star on the field but arguably does his best work off the field with the many charitable initiatives he’s helped through his foundation.

The former NFL star, now plying his trade in the MLB, is a warrior when it comes to helping sick children and his latest venture is no exception.

The Tim Tebow Foundation has opened its 10th “Timmy’s Playroom” in Florida to help children escape their clinical surroundings and “just be kids again.”

YouTube/The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

According to the Tim Tebow Foundation’s website: “Timmy’s Playrooms are being built in children’s hospitals around the world to bring Faith, Hope and Love to patients and their families.

“These rooms provide an atmosphere that allows the children to take their minds off medical treatment and just be kids again.”

‘Darkest hour of need’

This is the tenth playroom opened by the foundation and will help patients at the children’s hospital AdventHealth Daytona Beach, in Florida.

“Hopefully it can bring a brighter day for so many in their darkest hour of need,” Tim said in a video posted by AdventHealth, reported by Fox News.

“That is our goal, to encourage and uplift people, especially when they’re going through such a tough time.”

The Tim Tebow Foundation's newest
Tim Tebow Foundation

According to his foundation’s website most of the playrooms include a football field floor, custom-built lockers for seating, football-shaped chairs, flat-screen televisions, the latest multi-media and video game systems, toys, games and activities.

‘Scary or intimidating place’

Tim Tebow Foundation President Steve Biondo says the goal of these playrooms is to help children “feel better.”

“We know that to kids, a hospital can be a scary or intimidating place, but with all of the interactive games and activities in this playroom, we hope will be a place filled with laughter.”

Nine of these special playrooms have also opened in Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas, and the Philippines.

The Tim Tebow Foundation opened its 10th
Tim Tebow Foundation

These playrooms will help countless children escape the awful reality of hospital life and allow them to forget it all and have fun.

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