Hairdresser mocks young child – but just wait until you see the kid’s incredible comeback

Underestimating a child, simply because you are older and bigger than them, can be a costly mistake.

It certainly was for one barber, who thought he was a genius for repeatedly mocking a kid who came into his store regularly.

If he knew the truth, however, he would learn that it wasn’t him fooling the young boy, but instead the young boy who was fooling him. 

One day, a seemingly poor boy, carrying a limp and wearing nothing but dirty clothes, entered a crowded salon. As he did, the barber bent down to one of his customers and whispered in his ear.

He said: “That kid is the most stupid child in the whole city! Just wait, I’ll show you.”


The hairdresser retrieved a note from his pocket, one worth $100. In the other hand, he held two single dollar bills.

He then said to the boy: “Here, boy, pick a hand. Which one do you want?”

The youngster judged both hands carefully, before settling on the two dollar bills.

“Haha, what did I tell you?” the barber laughed. He turned and gave his customer a broad smile as the boy left.

“That idiot never learns.”

A short while later, the customer left the shop and went out into the street.

There, he spotted the kid sitting in an ice-cream shop just down the road.

Thinking something wasn’t quite right, the customer entered the ice cream parlour and said: “Hello, young man, I have a question for you. Why do you always take the dollar bills and not the $100?”

The boy took a break from enjoying his ice cream, sat up straight with a smile on his face and replied: “The day I take the $100 is the day this game ends.”

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