Toddler is terrified of her babysitter – and her baby cam reveals the reason why

Our children are the most precious thing we have. So it’s particularly painful to see them sad.

When a mom named Whitney realized that her daughter was behaving strangely around her new babysitter, she became suspicious.

She decided to install a hidden camera in her home—and when she saw the horrifying truth it captured, she was horrified.

Whitney is a busy mom. She works, attends law school, and cares for her 1-year-old daughter, Raylee. So it’s no wonder that she and her husband, Chris, decided to hire a babysitter to help them get through their busy schedules.

The couple settled on an old high school classmate, who came with positive references. But after a few weeks, Whitney noticed something suspicious.

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Every time the babysitter showed up, little Raylee hid, as if she was afraid.

Whitney sensed something was amiss and decided to install a hidden camera in the house to find out what was going on. And what she saw on the video footage was shocking.

Image Source: YouTube / ABC News

When Whitney and Chris watched the footage, they saw the babysitter spanking and violently shaking their 1-year-old daughter.

When the babysitter discovered the camera, she stared into it and then turned it toward the wall. Whitney and Chris acted immediately.

Image Source: YouTube / ABC News

They called the police, and later that evening, the babysitter was arrested.

After the frightening event, Whitney started a group that aims to legally publish the names of the people who have used violence against children in the past.

Image Source: YouTube / ABC News

What an incredible relief that Whitney finally found out what happened. I hope this babysitter is never allowed near a child again. And hopefully, little Raylee will now get all the love and tenderness she deserves.

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