Toddler steals Prince Harry’s popcorn — when he finally notices, his reaction says it all

Prince Harry came across a naughty little thief during a volleyball match.

A girl a named Emily was sitting next to the prince in the stand — and thought she could get away with trying to steal his popcorn when Harry looked away.

Watch the cute clip further below!

It was at a volleyball match during Invictus Games in Toronto that the ‘thief’ made her move. Prince Harry was sitting next to little girl Emily Henson, daughter of former contestant David Henson.

Emily sure had a craving for the prince’s popcorn that day and could be seen snatching as many as she could each time the prince looked away.

What a smart little cookie!

But after a while, Harry is onto the little girl and leaves her surprised when he pulls a sudden move.

You have to watch this adorable clip of this cheeky thief and the prince. See below.

Prince Harry seemed completely unbothered by her ‘stealing’ and can even be seen inviting the girl to help herself to more of his popcorn. He can also be seen playing pranks and making funny and goofy faces with the girl.

It’s just too cute for words — you’d never expect this from a prince.

What an incredibly cute little girl!

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