Tracy defied all odds – her stunning transformation is an inspiration to us all

Bullying is one of the quickest and surest ways to break down a person’s self-confidence. 

This was certainly true for 32-year-old Tracy Ryan. Ever since her childhood, she was bullied due to her weight. The snide comments, glances and whispers behind her back just led her to eat more as she sought comfort in food.

This vicious circle continued all the way into adulthood, when Tracy reached 340lbs.

But one day she decided that it was enough – and now her incredible story is inspiring thousands.

Throughout her childhood, Tracy was told she was fat. Classmates teased her constantly and called her terrible names. It got so bad that no one would talk to her, and she was completely rejected, just because of her weight.

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The bullying led to a vicious circle.

Food became her solace in everyday life, even though she knew it wasn’t good to eat as much as she did. Her weight slowly spiraled out of control.

She convinced herself that she was happy even though she felt bad and was living in constant denial.

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When Tracy approached her 30th birthday, she weighed about 345 pounds (155 kg).

With each passing day, the risk that she would suffer from cancer, heart disease, and diabetes increased.

She desperately wanted to change her lifestyle, but thought she lacked the strength and didn’t have the support she needed.

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Deep inside, however, Tracy had an iron will. In the end, she managed to get professional help.

And then it was up to Tracy to take the incredibly difficult journey to a healthier life.

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Tracy put up a plan – and started throwing away her old habits.

She started to work out and exercise.

No matter how much it hurt, she refused to give up.

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Slowly but surely, Tracy began to feel better.

She was starting to manage to do things she’d never dreamed of, such as playing tennis and climbing mountains!

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Meanwhile her weight began to drop, and ultimately Tracy dropped nearly 200 lbs without the help of diet drugs or surgery.

What seemed impossible just one year earlier now was a dream come true: Tracy managed to run her first marathon.

And the transformation is amazing.

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With determination and drive Tracy had done the impossible.

She had defied all odds, defeated her obesity – and saved her own life.

You are so brave, Tracy!

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Do not miss this amazing clip about Tracy’s journey:

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