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Train Conductor’s Son Has Incredible Reaction When He Realizes His Dad Is Driving Passing Train.

Most little boys are fascinated by trains. They watch “Thomas and Friends” on DVD or Netflix and they lie on the living room floor imagining themselves as a train conductor as they push their trains around miniature toy tracks. So to see a real train is a genuine thrill. But this little boy got one better when he saw someone special lean out of the engine room of a local train as it passed him and his mom by. This boy must’ve known what his dad does for a living, but when you’re in preschool, the concept of “work” is pretty abstract. It’s that thing that your parents do after they drop you off at school in the morning, but beyond that, it gets pretty fuzzy. So when in one moment, this little boy’s love of trains came together with the realization that his dad has the most awesome job ever, it’s enough to make his head spin. Watch this priceless moment below!

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