Twins Notice Each Other For The First Time. So Heartwarming.

When I around 7, I vividly remember longing for a sibling. I was an only child and my only true, greatest wish was to have a brother or sister to play with. A pet just wouldn’t do. One day, when I was 9, my parents brought me breakfast in bed. A small package was set on my tray. I opened it up. Turns out the little packet contained big news: I was to be a sister. As you can probably imagine, I was ecstatic. Ever since that day, I can confirm that it really is a blessing to have a brother. There is nothing stronger than the bond between siblings. And that is perhaps magnified for twins… In this heartwarming clip, identical twin girls aged about three months seem to be discovering each other for the first time. Their reaction is just wonderful. They touch each other, smiling and babbling along happily. Needless to say, this clip made me smile for its entire duration 🙂

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