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Watch This Adorable Little Boy Explain Why God Created Grandmothers.

Nobody beats grandmothers. Not only are they the most loving and affectionate things in the world, they’re also the true matriarchs of the family. And as such, they deserve all of the love and respect in the world. So when this adorable little boy is asked about why god created grandmothers, I was delighted to see that he understands the true value of grandmas. Not only does he eagerly explain how important his 100-year-old grandmother is to him and the rest of the family, he also perfectly describes the love and affection his “mawmah” continues to provide. This video was uploaded to YouTube in 2008, but it’s still one of the cutest videos on the Internet. I just wish that whoever made this clip asked the boy a few more questions, because I’m sure his answers would be brilliant. Enjoy his boy’s priceless tribute to his grandma below.

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