When The Waitress Refused To Serve Her Some Eggs, This Lady Had The Perfect Solution.

You should never underestimate elderly, no matter what. Some cynical people think senior citizens are emotional, slow and that you can fool them into almost anything. But reality is of course something completely different. This story is a good example of this fact. I read it some month’s back, and I really enjoyed reading it. I don’t know if it’s true or not, however I really like the story’s point. This old couple decided to have their breakfast at a restaurant, but the waitress wasn’t really that service minded… But the old couple’s solution really had me laughing out loud. Read the husband’s story down below:

We went to breakfast at a restaurant where the ‘Senior Special’ was two eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast for $2.99.

“Sounds good,” my wife said, “but I don’t want the eggs.”

“Then I’ll have to charge you $3.49 because you’re ordering a la carte”, the waitress told her.

“You mean I’d have to pay more for not taking the eggs?” my wife asked incredulously.

“Yes,” the waitress answered.

“I’ll take the special then” my wife said.

“How do you want your eggs?” the waitress asked my wife.

“Raw and in the shell,” my wife replied.

She took the two eggs home and baked a cake.

A good reminder to all of us: never mess with senior citizens!

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