Woman Gives Birth Even Though She Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant.

Woman Gives Birth Even Though She Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant.

Like most people, I scroll through my Facebook feed and click on whatever catches my eye. But the results aren’t always what I think they’ll be—especially when something looks too good to be true. When I first saw this story about Dragica—who gave birth without knowing she was even pregnant—I didn’t believe it for a second. But then I googled around and it turns out that her situation isn’t even that unusual. In fact, many women have had the same traumatic experience. Often, as in this case, a doctor somehow overlooks the pregnancy and diagnoses it as something else. Please read this story and then share it with your friends. Let’s spread the word about this unbelievable phenomenon that just happens to be true.

It all began when Dragica and her friends decided to work on their tans one summer and started sunbathing regularly. After a few weeks, Dragica began to feel ill and her period became irregular.

Dragica went to the doctor to find out what was wrong. But he told her it was nothing and that her symptoms were common for a woman who had given birth to her fist child. And anyway, perhaps she had just gotten a little too much sun…

In the following months, Dragica gained weight. But once again, she thought it was the result of her lazy summer.

Then one day in March, Dragica had intense stomach cramps. Her boyfriend, Tony, helped get her to the bathroom as fast as he could.

The couple thought she must have gotten food poisoning. But suddenly, Dragica took Tony’s hand and squeezed it really hard.

“I felt a huge relief. Everything was gone. The pain was gone, the pressure was gone, there was nothing. I felt like I just went to the bathroom.”

Then, the couple heard a splash… Dragica stood up and she felt “connected” to something.

To hear Dragica tell the complete shocking story, watch the video below:

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