Woman With Multiple Sclerosis Shocked When She Delivers Twins In The Bathroom.

One night in June 2000, 19-year-old Claire woke up with her whole body in pain—and she couldn’t even lift a handkerchief with her right hand. A visit to the hospital showed that Claire suffered from multiple sclerosis, or MS. The disease inflames nerve fibers and causes symptoms like numbness and paralysis, as well as vision problems. With the help of skilled doctors, Claire struggled on, and a few months later, she had gotten rid of their problems, at least for the time being. Claire returned to work and met the love of her life, Paul. The couple soon had a healthy young son together. But in 2005, Claire suffered from another MS attack and her body was once again numb and paralyzed. Then, one night, she woke up with cramps and was bleeding. Claire rushed to the bathroom, where something happened that was, to say the least, unexpected.

“It feels like I’m in labor,” Claire cried to her husband Paul.

And that was true—because she soon gave birth to a baby without even knowing that she was pregnant.

“I can remember holding her in my hands and saying to Paul, ‘Oh, we’ve got a little girl,’” says Claire in an interview.

“My reaction was shock. Quite a bit,” says Paul.

But that wasn’t the only surprise. Claire didn’t just have one baby—she quickly proceeded to give birth to a second one.

“It was just amazing and I just broke down in tears. And the other thought was: Are my babies okay?” said Claire.

Emergency responders quickly arrived to care for Claire and the two small twins. Luckily, everything went well, and today the whole family is feeling well.

“A few days later my leg started tingling and I could walk round the room. Then my eye started getting better. It cleared and I could focus. Everything just came back within one week of the birth,” Claire said in an interview with The Mirror.

What an incredible story!

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