WWII veteran celebrates 102nd birthday singing and dancing despite COVID-19 canceling party

A World War II hero celebrated his 102nd birthday on Monday, and it was a relatively quiet affair given the restrictions in place to tackle COVID-19.

Mr. Emanuel Wilson saw neighbors wave and leave balloons on his mailbox to wish him a happy birthday, while Marietta police also dropped by with birthday wishes.

Wilson spent his big day cracking jokes, dancing and singing despite the celebrations being somewhat overshadowed by the current pandemic.

Speaking to Fox 5, the veteran said: “I love to sing, acapella, no music.

Daughter Dawn Wilson continued: “Just warms my heart, I know singing is what he loves and what keeps him happy.”

Wilson served in the Air Force during World War II, before going on to work for Georgia Power for 35 years.

He still goes to church every Sunday in his minivan, though his routine has been curtailed by coronavirus. Indeed, he said church members usually throw a party for him, but this year’s was canceled.

“Virus going on they don’t want you to crowd up so we canceled all the plans we had,” said Wilson.

When asked if he was concerned about the virus, Wilson said no, citing his faith.

“Because if it’s not your time you ain’t going.”

Happy 102nd Birthday, Emanuel! Here’s to many happy returns.

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