26-year-old stopped at the amusement park because she’s too fat – 6 months later, she reveals her new body and shocks everyone

Lexi, 26, and Danny Reed, 28, are a very happy, young couple. 

But the couple had a one big shortcoming which prevented them from living out their lives to the fullest: both were hugely overweight. 

At the time of their wedding, Lexi weighed in at a massive 480lbs, while Danny, around 279lbs.

Their obesity affected their lives in many ways – they were both mentally and physically affected.

Lexi and Danny have often ended up in embarrassing situations due to their weight.

Then one day, they at last decided it was time to change their lives.

Lexi vividly remembers the day she’d finally had enough.

“I had long been looking forward to going to an amusement park and riding the roller coaster,” she says. “But when I got to the beginning of the queue, I was told I was too heavy. I couldn’t go. It was so incredibly embarrassing.”

But Lexi’s obesity also affected her in regular, day-to-day activities. She became more and more uncomfortable with her situation.

Lexi and Danny realized that their weight was not healthy.

They knew that something needed to be done, but were too afraid to change their lives around and break old habits.

“We have easily eaten 4,000 calories per day. Vegetables were rarely on the menu. Everything we ate was either fried or fast food,” Lexi told the Daily Mail.

But in January 2016 she’d had enough.

Not only did they decide  they would change their diets, they would try to change their lives fundamentally.

With eating being their common hobby and greatest interest, it wouldn’t be easy.

“We often went to Asian eat-all-you-can-buffets. Then we went home and ordered more fast food,” Lexi says.

To document their journeys towards healthier lives and to inspire others, Lexi started the account “Fat Girl Fed Up” on Instagram.

It wouldn’t be easy, but Lexi and Danny had two tools in their struggle against weight loss that would prove to be their key to success: their will and and each other. 

Lexi has now lost almost 240lbs and Danny lost 70lbs.

At first, the couple had only planned to try to live without fast food for 30 days, but they’d come so much further than that.

Today, their meals are thought out much more carefully and with a healthy mindset. 

But this doesn’t bother Lexi in the least – she knows that that her new healthier lifestyle is making her feel so much better.  

“Danny and I are still working very hard every day to achieve our goal,” Lexi says proudly. “We’re not there yet, but, still, I’d never thought that we’d even get this far. It’s just incredible. Many small steps can go a long way.”  

And of course, the change is huge!

One can hardly believe they’re the same people. And don’t they just look so happy?

I must say that this couple has really had an inspiring and impressive journey!

Suffering from obesity has serious consequences, so it feels great to see Lexi and Danny feeling so much better now.

Lexi and Danny have shown just how far we humans can go if we put our mind to something – and I really applaud their incredible transformation.

Most importantly, they did everything together and are happier than ever. Now that’s worth liking!

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